Mon T turns on the lights and starts the engine with his evening flow vibe, that gets you nicely mellow via ‘Imma Ride‘ (Prod. by Manuel). Oklahoma City-based original and free-thinking Hip-Hop artist Alex Montgomery aka Mon T, is a talented wordsmith that doesn’t like being pegged into any specific box and prefers to be known as someone who does his own thing. This is the refreshing mindset that sets him free from worrying about what anyone thinks ,as he makes music that truly moves him. With a groovy-movie start to proceedings, this is a cinematic picture that soon bounces into step to blaze in hot, with a thoughtful soul that is lit with that easy-going riddle energy and does it with a smile on his face. This is the story about meeting up with your friends and taking things up a notch, as you get slightly lubricated and decide to go and hang out where the trees are at. The complex raps are connected so effortlessly with a zip-lock smooth flow, that makes this such a smoothly trimmed listen. ‘Imma Ride‘ (Prod. by Manuel) from Oklahoma City emcee Mon T, is that late-night cruising vibe of a song that […]

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Author: Llewelyn Screen

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