Hi I’m Korean and I wanted to clear up a few things.

Firstly, people seemed kinda confused as to why all these idols are getting accused on the same day and its because Korea’s main portal ‘NAVER’ has announced that they will be getting rid of the ‘most searched’ tab by the 25th of feburary. This tab is immensely powerful as the moment you access Naver, you are immediately shown this tab, and it shows the rankings of the search words and the articles related to it. Basically, its the tab that keeps you up to date with the current big news. However when Naver announced that they will be getting rid of this, people panicked because after they get rid of the most searched rankings, itll be so much easier for problematic idols to sweep things under the rug. So obviously, people decided that they needed to expose these idols before Naver makes the change.

Secondly, different from a majority of OECD countries, defamation and insult are criminalized in Korea. Defamation by pointing out true facts as well as false facts regarding other persons is criminalized. This makes it so hard for people to come forward even when they are telling the truth. However, one of the biggest scandals in Korea in the past week have been bullying allegations against these twin vollyball players, and they turned out to be true. These players were banned from the team and given consequences. It was literally all over the news. This whole mess ended up giving people the courage to actually speak up for themselves despite the fear of getting sued, because they literally saw a real life example of a victim getting her revenge.

Thirdly, I think yall underestimate what bullying means in Korea. I dont expect you to understand because you guys have obviously never been to a Korean school, but you have to accept that school environments are not identical worldwide, and bullying in korean schools isnt just calling someone names, or taking their lunch money or whatever. Theres actually a deeper layer of wanting to prove superiority through the complete degradation of someone elses dignity. You are literally treated like trash, and the worst part is that theres no one there to help you. The teachers hold no power – I mean literally all they can do is call you into the office and have a little chat. When they got rid of corporal punishment (and I think this was a great decision) the problem was that the government didn’t give the teachers any other way of punishing the students if they went out of line. Basically, these teachers are powerless and they dont acknowledge bullying because theres nothing they can do and a kid is powerless against the bullies. Therefore, school bullying just keeps getting worse, and as a society we are aware of this issue but we dont know how to solve it. However, the fact that all Koreans have been in school makes them especially sensitive to bullying issues because they know how bad it can get.

I know its a long post, but please read. Thank you

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