So I’m just chilling one night when suddenly, a random dubstep song comes across my mind and I want to listen to it. But I can’t find it anywhere! I’ve searched best to my knowledge. But perhaps one of y’all might know.

There’s a music video, of specifically, hands, but like walking like finger people. And these finger people are battling each other n shit and there’s just alot of random and weird stuff going on haha.

And the second music video is a different song but perhaps one of y’all can pin the artist. So in this video it’s like a lady or something, in a bathtub of darkness or ink, and she’s just sitting there and while the best goes on, there’s like random clips of explosions. Pretty cool. I feel like the song name was something like “Atom Bomb”.

I feel like the artist name was something like “Nostalgia” or something. But please, if anyone can help.

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