VcManny x YBN Nahmir – “Bad Ting”
VcManny x YBN Nahmir – “Bad Ting”

VcMAnny is an aspiring Hip-hop artist from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. The rapper made his debut in 2019 with the single “Keepin it Real.” Since then the prolific recording artist has delivered a steady stream of new material. In 2020 alone he dropped 7 singles and a full album titled “VcTak3Over.”

“Bad Ting” is the most recent single from the “VcTak3Over” album. On the track VcManny is joined by platinum selling Birmingham, Alabama native and Hip-hop superstar YBN Nahmir. Nahmir has been selling millions since his 2017 debut and now he has teamed up with the Vc crew.

The track is built on a slow Trap groove. Percussive vibe chords and transient samples set a mellow mood as a deep synth bass holds down the bottom. Meanwhile the two rappers trade verses, each with a distinctive laid back flow as they rap about money, women and what they do to get both.

Check out “Bad Ting,” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with VcManny. Get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented young rapper. He is already dropping new music in 2021 and has big plans to make a name for his hometown. He wants to put the city on the global Hip-hop community’s radar.

I plan to keep dropping music and trying to put my city Vancouver on the map. No artist from around here has gone mainstream, I’m going to be the first to do so. 







VcManny on the Deep Indie playlists

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