I was listening to Mahler 9, then I wondered how his music would have evolved if he lived a long life and lived till, let’s say, mid-1950s. I wonder what his music would have become after encountering new styles, such as atonalism, and mysticism. I also wonder how the two wars would have impacted him. He might have written a work like Elgar’s cello concerto after WW1. He would have probably escaped Austria before WW2 and become an expatriate composer in either UK or US. What would have his music sound like in here? I mean, there is no ifs in history, but since Mahler died in an era where Romanticism was slightly in decline, I wonder what his music would have become if he lived longer. Would he have become more like Strauss? Or someone totally different from the Mahler we know now? What do you guys think?

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