It would be no surprise that the answer to this would be different for different people. But what does it for you?

What does your mind usually focus on during a performance? Bassists love vibing on the kickdrum as the primary focus that helps groove with what is coming out of their own instrument. My guitarist used to mention that it was really important he hears the bass in particular all through the performance to do his thing. I personally am hearing to the entire performance from a third person point of view as if I’m even behind the audience. I’m not sure why but it helps me connect with the performance as well as the emotion a lot better. I’m sure it’ll be much different in a band set up that isn’t as simplistic as mine. And also, it’s not that my mind doesn’t divert from preferred attentional anchor point as often as it does, but it almost always seems to come back to the same point while simultaneously being aware in the moment as to what’s happening.

Certain musicians do not have anything in particular that they are focusing on. Though it works for some people, many in such situations fall into the trap of getting distracted in their mind which ultimately compromises the performance and flow. This leads to a larger compromise of their confidence to go on stage to perform.

Would love to hear your thoughts on it

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