Southern-infused alt-rock band Working Class Hussys have released their brand new tune ‘Things That You Do’, featuring a fresh and bold sixties-styled sound. If you’re craving a signature Pop Rock and Indie sound with insatiable catchiness, top notch production value and dynamic guitar work, then Working Class Hussys newest single “Things That You Do” will definitely be your draft pick for 2021.

There are many standouts on this track, and too many is never enough. From impressive chord progressions and an amazing vocal range at the forefront, Working Class Hussys are definitely dressed to impress and this newest single will catch new fans upon their first listen. Utilizing a multifaceted Pop Rock sound with the right dosage of indie qualities accompanying it, this group has put together a song that’s not only radio friendly, but will undoubtedly catch the ears of underground/indie fans as well with their clever musicianship factors that really help solidify this track altogether. Vocalist Ian Patrick Gentles reaches the top of his game on this song with an incredibly diverse vocal range, thought provoking lyrics and distinct melodies that really catch his artistic merit.

Watch the video for “Thing That You Do” below or stream via other platforms here:

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